I Just Can’t Afford It Anymore! Part I

A large percent of Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck while trying to hold on to a few luxuries in life. Due to the rise in cost of many necessities,  we often find ourselves in debt. However, cutting some expenses are not as bad as it seems. Listed below are some changes that I made in my monthly budget that may be helpful to you as well:

Old Spending Habit

Eating out @ $5.00 per day x 7 days = $35.00 per week x 4 = $140.00 per month (minimum estimate per person)

New Spending 
Clip or print grocery coupons from the internet.   Look for grocery sales.   Buy larger packs of meat which is usually cheaper per pound. Separate meat and freeze portions.  Make sure there is enough dinner cooked for next day’s lunch. Spaghetti taste even better the following day and so does casseroles, potato salad, chicken and dressings, etc.

Old Spending Habit

Cable TV @ $79.95 per month

New Spending

I purchased a Roku XD/S Box @ $99.00  and chose from many channels that I wanted from the Channel Store for free. There is no monthly charge for these channels. Loving It!   Here are a few of my personal preferences: Popcornflix, Vimeo, Family Fun Flix, Trip Smart, Saddle Up Westerns, ebr TV, Premiere, National Film Board of Canada, Shortz! Film Festival Channel, Cartoon Club, American Primetime TV, Hollywood Outlaw Comedy Network, Visit Myrtle Beach TV, InspireOne Entertainment, AMGTV Broadcast Network,  iflictv Lite, How To Earn Money.TV, USAC Racing TV, World Worth Watching, VGuide, Smithsonian Channel, The ME Network, Central Online TV, The Venture Channel, Video Visits, Shop HQ, FirstRun TV, Pop Flix, Family TV,  TV SCS Studio Films Free, afrotainment, Global TV, Maximum Change TV,  Air1 Radio, GoAhead Mission Inc., blinkx Beat, wordcast, Innova Sports TV,   On The Mike, Prime TV Network, Senior Care Channel,  CNBC Real-Time, Fox News Channel, NBC News, CBS News, News Look, Newsmax TV, Roku Newscaster, Huff Post Live, HeadLines blinkx, Aljazeera, The Jack Blood Show, Democracy Now, WSJ Live, 8 News Now KLAS-TV, Las Vegas, RT News English, Flixster, Dorado Films, Cowger Network, American Pop Classics, Retrovision TV, ADC, MDTV, Simply Vegetarian, Healthy Food, Ashanti TV, 360 Music Television, Games, CamsOnTV, Nowhere Traffic, Crunchyroll, Disney, Vanguard, Nowhere Archive, Kung-Fu Theater, Cowboy Classics, Moonlight Movies, Crackle, CBN, TBN, Daystar, Day of Discovery, Pandora Radio, Slacker Radio, Radio Reference and many more.   Nowhere TV has multi-channels of its own.  I  do have one premium channel for less than $10.00 per month.  It is called Amazon Prime Instant Video.

My new cost for television per month is less than $10.00 saving me about $70.00.

Old Spending Habit

Home Telephone with DSL Broadband Internet Service @ $96.00 per month

New Spending

I  had my previous telephone service disconnected and purchased a BasicTalk Box and Home Phone Service (runs off high-speed internet) @ $9.99 plus tax.  The first month of service was free and for my location it is $12.63 per month including taxes and fees. Voicemail, call waiting and  long distance calls are also included and I must say that the phone calls are crystal clear. Loving It!   You can keep your old phone number or choose a new one.  I have two telephones hooked up to my box.

As far as internet service goes, I have Internet Only Service @ $46.00 per month.

My new cost for telephone and internet service per month is $58.63 saving me $37.37.

BasicTalk Box

BasicTalk Box

The blue cord goes to the modem for internet connection. The black cord in the middle is the power cord and the white adapter was inserted so that I could hook up two phones. The adapter does not come with the item.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my post and the information that I am sharing is helpful to you.

Take care.


2 thoughts on “I Just Can’t Afford It Anymore! Part I

  1. I cut out my cable a few years ago and now my husband and I are financially in a place to have it again, but I don’t want it. He doesn’t watch much TV, so it is really my call. I used to pay over a hundred a month for cable with HBO/Showtime. Now, I get my television through Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix. There are a handful of shows that I purchase on Amazon for $2.00 per episode, just because I don’t want to wait. I watch my HBO shows at a relative’s house. The only channel that I really miss is Showtime, but I just wait for it to come on netflix. No big deal. My television costs are now about $30.00 a month. It’s such a big savings! Now we need to curb our eating out…

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